Dr David P. Baker (completed PhD in 2013)

David worked on the interaction between 'logic' and literature in the fourteenth century. He looked particularly at the influence of logicians like Ralph Strode, John Wyclif, Robert Holcot and Thomas Bradwardine on literary writers like Geoffrey Chaucer, John Gower and the Gawain-poet. Previously, he read for his BA and MPhil at Peterhouse, Cambridge. One of his undergraduate dissertations was published in Cambridge Quarterly in 2003 – ‘The Gödel in Gawain: Paradoxes of Self-Reference and the Problematics of Language in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’, Cambridge Quarterly 32 (2003) 349–366. He has also published an essay (on the Nun's Priest's Tale) in the journal Medium Ævum ('A Bradwardinian benediction: the ending of the Nun’s Priest’s Tale revisited', Medium Aevum, 83 (2013) 236–43), and (co-authored with Neil Cartlidge) a handlist of manuscripts of the Body-and-Soul poem known as the 'Vision of Philibert' (Notes and Queries NS 61 (2014) 196–201). He is currently Head of English and Director of Teaching and Learning at Denstone College.

Dr Denise Kinsinger (completed PhD in 2016)

Denise wrote her PhD thesis on the South English Legendary, a Middle English verse collection consisting mainly of saints' lives. She is particularly interested in the earliest extant manuscript of the SEL (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 108) and in the evidence for its circulation, social context and cultural significance offered by its seemingly miscellaneous contents. While at Durham, she was the recipient of a St Chad's College Postgraduate Resident Fellowship. Previously, she was awarded an MA in Medieval and Renaissance English Literary Studies by the University of Durham, and a BA in English by Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, Virginia, USA. She is currently working as a private tutor.


Neil Cartlidge