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item2(translation) The Works of Chardri: The Little Debate, The Life of the Seven Sleepers, and The Life of St Josaphaz: Three Poems in the French of Thirteenth-Century England, trans. (Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies: [April] 2015)

This is the first translation (into any modern language) of the works of a little known but lively and accomplished Anglo-French poet who calls himself “Chardri” (presumably as an anagrammatic pseudonym for Richard), together with a substantial introduction and edited extracts from the original French.






item3(edited collection) Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Medieval Romance, Studies in Medieval Romance (Cambridge: Brewer, 2012). ix + 247pp. ISBN: 978-1-84384-304-7

"Anyone who delves into the individual chapters will discover a wealth of new avenues for further research alongside informative surveys. Quietly provocative, this collection will engage newcomers to the field of medieval romance […] as well as seasoned specialists interested in branching out into new territories or brushing up on the latest research on a specific character." Raluca Radulescu, Arthuriana

"Heroes and Anti-Heroes in Medieval Romance is a carefully edited volume that […] offers an innovative approach to one of the most popular medieval genres." Thomas Honegger, Anglia

Reviews: Joseph Taylor, The Medieval Review (2012) 12.09.15; Raluca Radulescu, Arthuriana 23 (2013) 115–16; Thomas Honegger, Anglia, 131 (2013) 377–380; Victoria Shirley, Hortulus: Online Graduate Journal of Medieval Studies (


item4(edited collection) Boundaries in Medieval Romance, Studies in Medieval Romance (Cambridge: Brewer, 2008) x + 198pp. ISBN 978-1-84384-155-5

“[This volume] will be of lasting value both to existing experts and to those newer to the medieval romance genre: it is a strong, well-balanced, well-edited, and fluently written selection, and should become a mainstay work of reference for future scholarship.” Samantha Rayner, English

“This volume represents an important contribution to medieval romance studies. As a successful collection of essays should do, it presents a lively, exciting conversation among some of the foremost scholars in the discipline. Under Cartlidge’s editorial guardianship, the essays cohere and they lucidly argue for the permeability of boundaries – be they cultural, political, metaphorical, mimetic, literary, or generic – in medieval romance. The volume highlights the exciting work that is being done in the field of medieval romance, and it includes many essays that definitely will be re-read and cited frequently for years to come” Joyce Boro, Journal of English and Germanic Philology

Reviews: Samantha Rayner, English 59 (2010) 220–21; Jacqueline de Weever, Arthuriana 19 (2009) 137-39; Katherine McLoone, Comitatus 40 (2009) 270; Joyce Boro, Journal of English and Germanic Philology 108 (2009) 403–406; Carolyne Larrington, The Medieval Review (2008) 08.10.0


item5(critical edition, with translation) The Owl and the Nightingale: Text and Translation, Exeter Medieval English Texts and Studies (Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2001; reprinted 2003, 2006, 2008). liv + 202pp. ISBN 0-85989-690-0

“the appearance of Neil Cartlidge’s authoritative edition is a major event… His parallel-text translation is exemplary: transparent and lucid, and with more claims to expressive grace than Cartlidge makes for it.  This is an edition equally valuable for the student and the specialist” Bernard O’Donoghue, Times Literary Supplement

“This is scholarship at its best; it will certainly stimulate the interest of a new generation of medievalists in a poem that is as intriguing as it is entertaining” Françoise Le Saux, Journal of English and Germanic Philology

All reviews: Marilyn Corrie, Medium Ævum 71 (2002) 328; Françoise Le Saux, Journal of English Germanic Philology 103 (2004) 261–63; James Morey, The Medieval Review (2003) 03.01.35; Claire Fennell, Notes and Queries 50 (2003) 89–90; Bernard O’Donoghue, Times Literary Supplement, 8th March 2002; Kiyoaki Kikuchi, Studies in English Literature 80 (2003) 33–35


item6(monograph) Medieval Marriage: Literary Approaches 1100-1300 (Cambridge: Brewer, 1997). xii + 250pp. ISBN 0-85991-512-3

Bref, pour la finesse de sa critique littéraire, pour la profondeur de son analyse historique, et pour sa richesse bibliographique, ce livre mérite d’être lu, relu, et médité.”  Leo Carruthers, Etudes Anglaises

“this readable, intelligent study has many strengths” Linda Georgianna, Speculum

“complements the array of recent historical studies on medieval marriage with painstaking and sensitive readings of early English and continental literary texts” M. Teresa Tavormina, Medium Ævum

All reviews: Leo Carruthers, Etudes Anglaises 51 (1998); Gloria Cigman, Review of English Studies NS 49 (1998) 494–95; Albrecht Classen, Studi Medievali, 3rd series, 42 (2001); David d’Avray, Journal of Ecclesiastical History 53 (2002) 144; Linda Georgianna, Speculum 74 (1999) 109; Henry Ansgar Kelly, Journal of English and Germanic Philology 98 (1999) 440; Bella Millett, Notes and Queries 243 (1998) 272–73; Denis Renevey, Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen 237 (2000) 172–74; M. Teresa Tavormina, Medium Ævum 68 (1999) 109–110; Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Modern Language Review 94 (1999) 779–80; Karen Winstead, Anglia 117 (1999) 118–19


Neil Cartlidge


Neil Cartlidge